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The Path - Thank You's

Thank you to everyone who has supported Breakthrough in so many ways across our lifetime.

Foremost, we owe every victory to God. Encompassing each story here are the unconditional arms of our Savior. Every deep-breath moment, He never failed to lift us up and revive our sense of purpose.

To our families and other long-time champions, you have been beacons along the path, nurturing even the toughest lyrics into an outcome of hope. We owe our genesis and longevity to your unfading fidelity.

We'd like to thank Matt Patrick of The Library Recording Studio for the passion and wizardry that he poured into this project. We can't speak highly enough of Matt's work. Matt comes alongside our band an puts the finishing touch on our projects. We could not be more grateful for his involvement in this EP.

Our thanks to Steve Portoyan of SDesigns for his work on the album cover. Steve has a God-given gift. He took a set of lyrics and conveyed their meaning through a singe image. We are wowed by his creative talent and thankful for his friendship.

A special thanks to all of our GoFundMe supporters for partnering with us, investing in this project. Because of you, we were able to share these songs with the world. Thanks to Isaac Boike, Alissa Hynes, Forrest Rhoads, Carl Riess, Sheila Rudolph, and our anonymous donor for your vision and support.

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