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Release The Kraken!

PJ and Drew released their new single. The Kraken features guitar solos from 13 different musicians. The song is now available for download and streaming on YouTube. PJ - "Thanks to all of the wonderfully talented musicians who contributed to this project. I am honored to call them all my friends. Please check out all of their bands when you get a chance! I also recommend checking Grace Hintze and her art. Especially if you're a musician in need of album or merchandise artwork." Download links: SoundCloud OR Dropbox The Kraken

Breakthrough Brothers Set To Release The Kraken

On Friday Feb 23, Drew and PJ Medin will be releasing a new single titled The Kraken. The instrumental track will feature solos performed by thirteen different musicians. Featured artists include heavy weight shredders Brett Verlennich from Fades Away and Sunrise in Staples, Jordan Christopherson from ChugChugWob, Eric Peixoto and Kevin Buschkowsky from Ithomiid, and many more. Check out the preview link below.

PJ Speaks With KIMT 3 News

KIMT 3 News recently reached out to Breakthrough. They asked why the band doesn't shy away from performing in both Christian and non-Christian venues. According to PJ, "We had a great in-depth conversation about the importance of positive messages in music. While it may be fun for someone to hear a familiar, lighthearted hit about drinking or parties, those songs aren't as likely to permanently heal a hurting heart. Or save a life, for that matter. Good-time songs can be a lot like bandaids. They can cover a wound, but they don't actively heal it. We spoke for about 40 minutes about Breakthrough's career, playing at different venues, songwriting methods, listener-testimonies, and why we don'

New Rock EP: The Path

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