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"We write, collaborate and practice intensively," explained Drew, "in order to forge music of the highest quality  that we are capable."

- Today Magazine -

Started by brothers PJ and Drew Medin, Breakthrough has risen beyond the normal expectations for a small town rock band. Having far surpassed the typical labels of Von Trapp and Partridge family, Breakthrough is defined by powerful vocals, catchy melodies, soaring guitar solos, and heartfelt lyrics. Breakthrough is not in it for fame and fortune. They come with a message for the masses. Love.

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Band Info


PJ - Guitar/Bass

Drew - Guitar/Bass

Shon - Drum

Catherine - Lead Vocals

Sara - Keyboard


Waiting (2009)

The Eve of War (2011)

The Highest Praise (2016)

Blaze Remix (2016)

The Path (2018) 


CD Release

LIFT Church

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