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Belated Happy Thanksgiving

We apologize for the late Thanksgiving post. This year was a busy year for us. It turns out that when your family gets bigger, you have more Thanksgiving meals to eat across more locations. The social media posts got lost in the fray. But hey, Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday and it's Thursday today. So that has to count for something. #amirite Our sincerest thanks to our listeners. Most of you don't know what kind of positive impact your continued support has on us. There are periods of time where it feels like the dream is impossible to achieve. Sometimes, it feels like everything we've done is for not. And then we check our messages and our social media subscribers and we realize that you

EP Update Coming Friday

Anyone want another EP update video? If so, keep an eye on our YouTube Channel. We'll be posting a new update video on Friday. Rumors say that this one might contain a little new music (teasingly inserts shrugging emoji). Who knows? Just kidding. We do. You'll be able to find the video on our YouTube channel on Friday morning at 9 AM CST. If you're new to our music and/or you'd like to get to know the band a little better, then "Come in and know me better, man!" Subscribe to the BreakthroughOfficial YouTube channel. You can watch our tour podcasts, learn more about the inspiration behind your favorite Breakthrough songs, get a behind-the-scenes look at the life'o'Breakthrough, and get early

Debra Medin Discusses Her Passion

In a recent interview with, our photographer Debra discussed her passion for photography. "I started doing it when I was 14, and I don't think there's ever been a point where I've looked at my work and thought that it was good. There's honestly so much out there to learn about photography, whether that be editing or posing people. That being said, there are always different techniques that I want to learn. I'm actually really interested in layering pictures right now." To read the full interview, click here. Debra is well acquainted with many different genres of photography. She's done everything from wedding shoots to live performance photography. Recently, Debra traveled to

Because Sound Guys Matter

We have not posted much lately and we apologize for that. We’re in the midst of a bunch of changes in our band and personal lives. We do want to take sometime to give a shout out to a couple members of the Breakthrough team. Our sound guys. Austin and Tyler prove time and time again why its integral to a band’s career to have a team that travels with you. Austin and Tyler have taken it upon themselves to become experts in sound. Not only do they deliver in this band, but they’ve stepped in last minute to run sound for other bands as well, providing the same killer clarity that Breakthrough has become accustomed to over the years. Most recently, they stepped in for Nicole C. Mullen and they b

New Rock EP: The Path

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