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Belated Happy Thanksgiving

We apologize for the late Thanksgiving post. This year was a busy year for us. It turns out that when your family gets bigger, you have more Thanksgiving meals to eat across more locations. The social media posts got lost in the fray. But hey, Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday and it's Thursday today. So that has to count for something. #amirite

Our sincerest thanks to our listeners. Most of you don't know what kind of positive impact your continued support has on us. There are periods of time where it feels like the dream is impossible to achieve. Sometimes, it feels like everything we've done is for not. And then we check our messages and our social media subscribers and we realize that you're still there. Still listening. Still watching. Still giving us a reason to keep on. For that, we thank you. We thank you for sticking with us between albums. We thank you for sticking with us between concert seasons. We thank you for sticking with us through the good times in lives and the bad. Thanks for the comments, the feedback, the artwork, and the gifts! Every band says that they have the best fan base in the world. Here's the truth. Even the Bieb's fans don't have anything on all of you.

Thank you! We love and appreciate all of you. And don't forget that we'll be posting a new studio vid tomorrow at 9 AM CST. We're looking forward to sharing this new music with you!

The Breakthrough Family

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