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Behind The New Lyrics

New Song

Heads up, hear the war cry

Sword drawn in a gunfight

The battle lines close in on every side

Our bodies, stiff and tired

Just climbed a thousand miles

But we were born to fight as long as we’re alive

The Eve of War

We know that hard times are still coming

When sounds of war and evil drums

Will fill the air and shake the ground

But we will never lose our heart

We will fight until the stars coming crashing down

And everybody’s screaming, “It’s over!”

These lyrics are where The Eve of War title track and the essence of the EP meet. The Eve of War was our promise to “never lose our heart” while this new song is our attempt to draw out the harder emotions that “never” can produce… like anger or apathy. We have not lost our heart—we still go on with purpose—but we’ve experienced some palpitations in the battle to prove our “never.”

Like the final draft of a song, this final track is our outcome, preceded by a tired yet honest narrative of the path to get there.

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