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EP Update

Just in case anyone missed it, we have a short update for you.

Now that Backyard Bash is over and our summer schedule nears its end, we are diving back into the writing process for this new project. In a little over 5 weeks, we head back into The Library Recording Studio to work with the wonderfully talented Matt Patrick. Matt is the wizard behind The Highest Praise. The finishing touches were his. We're already extremely excited to share this new music with you. The writing process has been a journey deep into our creative expression. We know our excitement will be multiplied tenfold after we've implemented Matt's ideas.

We also want to say thanks again to everyone who has contributed to this project so far. It is through all of you that The Highest Praise came to be. It is through you that this project will receive its chance. Thank you for believing in us! If you'd like to learn more about our new project, go to our GoFundMe page. .

For those who have not yet seen, we recently posted a short clip. It's a rejected segment from one of our new songs. To check it out, go to our Instagram Feed.

We love and appreciate all of you! God bless you.

- Breakthrough

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